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Preparing your home for a successful sale

6 Keys To Preparing Your House For Sale

Your property valuation appraisal is done and you’re ready to list your home for sale. So what next? From professional photographs that will accompany the listing online to opening the door to viewings, you’ll want your place primed for the best chance of attracting a willing buyer and making them fall in love.

1. Sparkling surfaces This is the relatively easy one. Cleanliness looks and feels new and appealing. For this reason, I recommend adjusting your scrubbing schedule to ensure surfaces and floors are polished and vacuumed just before home opens. You should also consider having expert help for ovens, shower screens and windows. This might be the time to weigh up whether a regular professional clean might be of value to your time. An outdoor power clean can be an extreme makeover, so hire a pressure washer and channel your inner ghost buster. After you’re done, any evidence of the cleaning should be “swept” away. Therefore, bins, cloths, brooms and mops all need to be tucked out of sight, as if the fairy godmother dropped by and did it all. Abracadabra.

2. Depersonalise, declutter Emotions and years aside, a house for sale is exactly that – a house, not a home. The personal sanctuary you’ve created with special photos, travel mementos and sporting trophies should therefore be pared back or toned down. Allow prospective buyers a chance to imagine their world in that space and dream of how it could become home for their family. Put away the fridge magnets and invest in some aesthetically pleasing storage options for kids’ toys and pet paraphernalia. You are feeling nostalgic and sentimental? Of course, that’s completely normal. It might help to consider that your eventual move will be made easier if you declutter and deep clean during the sale process. Take a moment to remember that your house represents a fresh start to someone new, and that should be reflected in your shiny, clear counter tops and the top sale price you can achieve.

3. Know your hero Sparkling swimming pool? Huge alfresco? Renovated laundry? Showcase the best features of your house with the right attention to detail, styling and suggestive placement of items to enhance the area. The impact of a stunning new tiling job can be dulled by having the wrong color hand towel left out on the rail. Likewise, a beautiful office space will benefit from some warm lighting and a healthy indoor plant. An already spacious entrance hall will be even more welcoming with the right rug and well-placed mirror. Be deliberate. If you feel like lingering in that space, you’ve done it right.

4. The great outdoors Living in Perth is all about the weather. Maximise the appeal of your outdoor areas and the façade of your home with a garden tidy, freshly mowed lawns and new cushions on your outdoor furniture. Put away the dog toys and tidy up the sports equipment. Mulch the flower beds and plant into spaces that need some vibrancy. Cars that generally park on the exposed driveway or verge should be taken on an excursion around the corner for photos and home opens. Furthermore, putting pool vacuums and hoses out of sight gives the sense of a calm, hassle fee outdoor oasis.

5. Neutralise and create comfort A clean slate is a safe place. Lush green foliage, neutral tones, natural fibers, classic shapes and simple trimmings will be the most appealing to the widest audience. Prior to a home visit, you need to ensure all your light bulbs are working, warm and uniform. I can assist you with setting the right ambiance for your home opens, ensuring the temperature is comfortable, the lighting is right, and all the extras like water features are on show.

6. Help me help you In conclusion, ensuring your real estate photographer and I have the best possible platform to begin from is crucial to getting value from the work we perform. Ultimately your sale price can benefit hugely from a small investment of your time, and some key styling pieces. And if they’re neutral and classic, they can easily come with you to your new home.

You still have questions? Get in touch with me today. Together we can re-brand your property with vibrant and exciting potential for the next person to call it home.


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